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*MUST READ: EXOplanetsg Forum Rules!

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1*MUST READ: EXOplanetsg Forum Rules! Empty *MUST READ: EXOplanetsg Forum Rules! on Sun Dec 25, 2011 11:38 am


Please take note of the following rules & regulations while using the forum. Should we find anyone flouting the rules, we will not hesitate to ban you from using the forum. If anyone notices someone else flouting the rules, please do let us know as well.

Post only in ENGLISH, unless posted together with translations.

1. Most importantly, STRICTLY NO BASHING, of EXO or any other bands/groups/forum users. It is a low-class act reflecting poorly on the forum users and will not be tolerated.
2. No foul languages to be used.
3. DO NOT post anything racist or against any religions.

No Spamming or Advertising
Posts must have a minimum of 10words, excluding emoticons, symbols, or words such as "HAHA" and "LOL". Strictly no advertisement of other websites/ forums etc. (but you can do so in your signature)

No Double Posting
Do not double post. If you have missed out something in your post, and no one else has replied to the topic yet, edit your previous post.

No Offensive Contents
No posting of sexually explicit or illegal activities allowed.

No Hot Linking
Do NOT hotlink any of the images found on the forum. If need be, re-upload on image hosting sites such as Imageshack or Tinypic.

When re-uploading photos or any other contents from other sources, CREDIT them.

No Multiple Accounts
Only ONE account is allowed per user. If we find out that you have more than one account, ALL your accounts will be deleted. If you wish to have your account deleted, please contact the Admins.

1. DO NOT use the members' names in your username (eh. helloimkai)
2. NO offensive words to be used in the username

Signatures & Avatars
1. Signatures should not exceed 400px in width and 200px in height, file size not exceeding 500kbs
2. Signatures should have a maximum of 2 lines (1 image + 1line) or 4 lines (no images). Empty lines count as 1 line.
3. Avatars should not exceed 150px in both width and height, file size not exceeding 50kbs
4. No offensive pictures or languages to be used in avatars and signatures.

*MUST READ: EXOplanetsg Forum Rules! Signat12
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